Who we are

Friends of Sudan is a humanitarian organization that operate in Sudan since 2012, born from the will of Elena Valdata, an experienced traveler and lover of Sudan, who has decided to dedicate her time and commitment to this incredible land. After her long, direct and deep experience with the Sudanese people (that still continuos!), she understood their needs and decided to be actively commited to build with them solid fundamentals for their future.

To date, the current paying membership has consisted only of touristic entrepreneurs that have operated in Sudan for many years. During those years she has been working alongside the Sudanese, offering support and care to the challenges that the people face. Creating Friends of Sudan, meant to continue to support the ever growing needs which can now be fulfilled with increased support from a wider community, where everyone can contribute.

Our motto?

Friendship is the value that pushes us to find time, strength and money to achieve our goals.

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