Who we are

Amici del SudanFriends of Sudan – is a humanitarian organization (NGO) that aims to help the local population in developing meaningful projects related to education, healthcare and the safeguard of the environment, taking into account the local and religious traditions of the Sudanese people.

The mission of Amici del Sudan is to provide the Sudanese with the tools to improve their life conditions by getting them involved and engaged with the various projects and helping them to achieve the set goals.

It is not only a matter of looking after of the population’s needs of today, but we want to build together a solid basis for tomorrow and the future.

To date, the current paying membership has consisted only of touristic entrepreneurs that have operated in Sudan for many years. During those years they have been working alongside the Sudanese, offering support and care to the challenges that the people face. Now they feel the time is right to form the non-profit organization, Amici del Sudan, to continue to support the ever growing needs which can now be fulfilled with increased support from a wider community, where everyone can contribute.

The motto is: Friendship is the value that pushes us to find time, strength and money to achieve our goals.