Tarabil School

Tarabil School Project

Tarabil is the name of the Sudanese Pyramids of the Unesco site: The Meroe Necropolis

The first project of Amici del Sudan is to improve the local primary school located only a few hundreds meters away from the Meroe pyramids archaeological site.

There is the urgent need of enlarging and improving the small school complex used by 3 little villages (Al Tarabil, Assoura, El Salmab). At present (year 2013), 120 children attend this primary school, between the age of 6 and 10 years old.

In order to accomplish the project, it is necessary to build extra classrooms and toilets beside providing the furniture to allow the school to run properly.

We strongly believe that education is the key factor to ensure that young generations will have a better future.

The project includes of the below:

  1. Building 14 new classrooms (for boys only, girls only and for teachers)
  2. Purchase furniture – desks and chairs
  3. Building 2 blocks of 10 toilets each
  4. Perimeter wall – this is to protect the school building from the sand and separate the school and the students from the surrounding desert.
  5. Building some shady huts, to create comfortable outside areas


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