For many years The Italian Tourism Co. Ltd, has been active in promoting tourism in the country and welcoming travelers from all over the world.

Working in Africa is a good opportunity to help people less fortunate than ourselves. Education, healthcare and many other services that we take for granted are still a challenge for Sudan.

The Italian Tourism Co. Ltd has been trying for years to support local projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the population, so much so that it decided to found Friends of Sudan, thanks to the will of Elena Valdata. The aim is to continue to pursue our commitment to international cooperation for sustainable development and human rights in Sudan.

By traveling with The Italian Tourism Co. Ltd in Sudan you will contribute to our projects, because we periodically make donations to our NGO.

It is possible for all travelers to support our projects through a free donation. Booking any trip, on the confirmation form that you will receive you will find the entry “Donation to Friends of Sudan”.

You can support our projects through a direct donation. Please contact us at this email so we can give you all the information.

You will receive a regular receipt for all your donations.

Many thanks for your support!

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