Wad Elmogadam’s well

Wad Elmogadam is located about 9 km southeast of the famous pyramids of Meroe. The well was built in the 1930s by a member of the Elhassania community (from which it takes its name), the first to settle in this area after moving from the Bayuda desert due to the infertility of the land and the rapid desertification process. Since ancient times this region called El Dihera has been crossed and inhabited by several nomadic communities such as Alsahnia, Monasir, Fadnia, Jahlihin, in perfect harmony with the desert and the surrounding environment, characterized by acacia and green bushes that make up a good pasture for the animals.

This well, unfortunately, has suffered several collapses and the inhabitants have been forced to move and travel many kilometres to reach other wells and find the water necessary for their survival. With great pride Friends of Sudan decided to build a new well, in response of the lack of water in the area, thus hoping a return of nomads who for years have lived away from their land and allowing theose who chose not to leave the territory to get back to their normal life.

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